A property hunter is a real estate professional specializing in searching for properties. They dedicate their services to the buyer who has given them a mandate to search.
The property hunter accompanies their client until the final signature.
This profession is regulated.

UNIQUE PROPERTIES ® is an agency of property hunters the only one in St Barts. Unlike traditional real estate agencies, Unique Properties does not offer sales mandates, but only search mandates.
The agency’s network is one of its assets: individuals, property dealers, property developers, real estate agencies, architects, notaries… are quality partners, guaranteed by the agency.
You can thus consider all the offers on the market.


1 – Unique on the Island

Unique Properties ® is the only property hunting agency in St Barts. Entrusting us with a task is not consulting the offers that we would have in a portfolio, but allowing us to find the right property for you on the island

2 – Time Gain

A unique single contact, a structured task, no unnecessary visits … Your time is precious, your hunter is reactive: you will only be called upon at critical steps.

3 – Large Selection

You will benefit from a network that is not accessible to the general public. You will get the greatest possible choice of exclusive and original offers.

4 – Savings

The negotiations will be conducted for you by your real estate expert. You will buy at the right price, your budget will be optimized.

5 – Security

For advice, administrative checks, you will be accompanied at each stage of your project until the signing.

6 – Customized

Your property hunter is an expert about your file. Each hunter conducts a maximum of 5 searches * to guarantee availability and professionalism.
* Exclusive search mandate

7 – Serenity

Manage your project under the best conditions. Searches will be done for you every day in the field. You will follow their progress from a distance, without stress.


Intensive Search Pack ®:
To find within 6 months, with reduced fees!

√ An exclusive search mandate
√ Exclusively limited to 6 months
√ A search that is only paid if it succeeds
√Reduced fee, from 6% to 5%
√ A weekly report of the search
√ A dedicated hunter with a maximum of 5 exclusive search mandates

Our customized solutions

The Intensive Search Pack ® offers specific guarantees.
Other ways of working with us are possible as we will adapt to your needs.
Let’s talk about it.


The performance of a property hunter depends on
the quality of the relationship they develop with their client.

Our agency Unique Properties ® gives great importance
to establishing specifications for conducting searches.
Hunter Brief ® is a unique single questionnaire, developed
to clearly identify needs and aspirations.

Completed upon signing the Intensive Pack Search ® mandate,
it allows communicating constructively while
clarifying and refining your request.

1- Hunter Brief ®

your property hunter will alert our entire network.
The latter is then mobilized, knowing the motivation of
our clients and the professionalism of our management.
Your search is efficient.

2- Alert

We are offered properties by our network.

Your property hunter studies them according to the identified
selection criteria and visits for you the preselected properties.
During these steps, they save you time, especially
as they avoid unnecessary visits.

3- Pre-selection
You will follow your search evolution from a distance.

Each visit is part of the weekly reporting performed by your property hunter.
We will communicate over the phone, FaceTime, emails, text messages,
Whats App, according to your availability.

Based on these reports and your reactions, the search progresses.
It may also be oriented differently.
4- Reporting

Your property hunter will carry out the first administrative checks
for you and will give you advice throughout their task.

They will recommend that you take advice from outside experts if necessary.

5- Advice

your property hunter will ask you to come for key visits of
pre-visited properties that attracted your attention.

In case of several properties to be visited, the visits
will be coordinated at your convenience.

6- Visits

For your purchase, we will be by your side
during the final signing of the deed.

7- Signature


What is the difference between a property hunter and a real estate agent?

A real estate agent sells properties for sellers, who have usually mandated them for this purpose (sale mandate).
The property hunter meanwhile offers a customized search service to buyers. They are mandated by them to do so. (search mandate).
Real estate agents and property hunters are complementary.

Property Hunter: is it a regulated profession?

The profession is regulated. To practice the profession, a property hunter must hold a T license: a professional license (Transaction on Properties and Business Assets) issued by the Prefecture, and professional liability insurance. They are subject to Law No. 70-9 of January 2, 1970, called the Hoguet Law. The Unique Properties agency is affiliated with the French FNAIM (National Federation of Real Estate) and the FFCI (French Federation of Property Hunters).

Why use a property hunter?

Because it is difficult and sometimes discouraging to search on your own, because it makes sense to hire a professional who is specialized in the field, because that is the way to find what you want, because it is not more expensive. The property hunter is a real estate expert who masters their “territory” and works with a network of professionals there. They may even provide their clients with opportunities they will have identified before they are openly broadcast on the market.

Is it more expensive to go through a property hunter?

It isn’t. There are no fees to pay at the start of the mission, or through its progress. The property hunter is only remunerated when their search has led to the signing of the deed. In St Barts, the normal transaction fee is 6% of the sale price. It is distributed among the various real estate professionals who take part in the transaction. The property hunter’s service brings no additional cost. Under the Intensive Search Pack ® (exclusive search mandate), the fee rate is reduced to 5%.

Does Unique Properties® only work as a property hunter?

Yes, it does. Unique Properties® is a real estate hunting firm. We are only mandated for searching and do not take sales mandates. We hunt for acquisitions of all kinds: villas, apartments, land and professional premises. Our activity also covers seasonal or long term rentals.

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