Our agency offers the services of a property hunter who will support your research and become your main contact. They will work for you discreetly, constantly watching over your interests.
They will select for you, in the desired time, the property that meets your criteria at the right price. The sole holder of a search mandate, they are not involved in the selection. As such, their opinion remains objective.

Market experts in St Barts, Unique Properties®’ property hunters master the search. Our network is one of our assets: individuals, property dealers, property developers, real estate agents, architects, notaries … We guarantee the excellence of our partners.

Our clients can comfortably consider all the offers on the market.

Unique Properties® is a member of the French FNAIM (National Federation of Real Estate).


Fabienne LE GALL, Founder

A real estate Professional in the Caribbean since 1990, Fabienne has developed a great expertise in St Barts where she has been working for over 15 years.

Through her thorough knowledge of the industry, her mastery of the island’s market and the quality of her professional network, she has become a reference figure in the local real estate.

As an owner in Florida, she is interested in the way real estate is practiced in the US and especially in “buyer’s agents”, those property hunters whose task is to represent and assist buyers.

Confident in the relevance of this service in St Barts and encouraged by US buyers, she set up Unique Properties in 2016, the first property hunting agency on the island.

« The real estate market in St Barts is limited, certainly, but very complex and coveted. One needs to know how to enter it. This is our case and we do make those who want to invest in St Barts benefit from it, by offering our services in property hunting. Unique Properties searches and finds for them the property that suits them, at the right price and in the shortest time. ».

Fabienne LE GALL


Sabrina ZIMMERMANN, Partner

Sabrina grew up in the Caribbean but worked in Saint-Tropez, Cannes and Megève before settling in St Barts and working in real estate.

Her journey crossed Fabienne’s path. She shares her enthusiasm for the job and the desire to find a new way to practice her job in St. Barts, to fully support those looking for a property.

She is a partner at Unique Properties, the first property hunting agency on the island.

«  What motivates me in the property hunter profession? Developing a customized relationship with my clients and bringing them proactivity.

It is not about presenting properties we have in our portfolio (we do not have sales mandates), but about finding the product that meets their expectations. This constantly requires meeting challenges, always moving forward, as in sport (i.e: Sabrina has a passion for kite surfing).

I search within our network and on the field, tirelessly, to realize their projects. Each signature is the celebration of a victory! ».


Distance from St. Barth (Km)

2739 New York (JFK)
5003 Rio De Janeiro (GIG)
6738 Paris (CDG)
8984 Moscow (SVO)